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Development experts company for training, consultations, IT solutions & freelancing  has been founded in the mid of 2013 in Palestine. It is officially registered in accordance with the law, and it is an active member of many IT unions and international institutions. Also, Development Experts company has partnerships with various universities, companies and institutions locally and internationally in various fields of business.
We provide a wide range of services in the technology, entrepreneurship, law and other fields. Moreover, It has a special & qualified teams in training, consulting, technological solutions and freelancing sectors. We have implemented many local and international projects which distinguish us from our peers.
As a result of our belief in the development of human resources in Palestine, and leader’s capacity building in various fields of business by creating a dynamic and sophisticated environment for communication between our multicultural experts, Development Experts has established EU technology company in Spain to reduce unemployment among young people and graduates in Palestine. We have improved this through  providing many training and operational projects, in the fields of (technological, legal, managerial and administrative, and the manufacture of training curriculum).

our vision

Ideal choice for entrepreneurship and quality in providing technological, training,  consulting and freelancing services locally and internationally.


our message

The development experts are committed to providing the best professional skills and expertise with high quality in the field of providing technological, training, consulting and freelancing services locally and internationally.

  • Contribute to the empowerment of individuals and institutions through providing training services according to market needs, taking into account the international quality standards.
  • contribute to improving institutional performance and achieving sustainable development through providing consultancy and development solutions to institutions.
  • Providing high quality technological services at lower costs.
  • Promoting and disseminating the culture of freelancing.
  • Empower young people with creative skills and abilities to join the local and international labor market and the freelancing works.
  • Building a network of local and international relations to share scientific and practical experiences and knowledge.

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